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Louis Collections – Beste Schneiderei in Bangkok. Massgeschneiderte Mode fuer den ganz persoenlichen Geschmack unserer Kunden, die grossen Wert auf Qualitaet in Material und Verarbeitung legen. Damit unsere Kunden sich wohlfuehlen achten wir ganz besonders beim Anpassen und bei der Auswahl der Materialien darauf, dass alles den hoechsten Anspruechen gerecht wird. Unsere hervoragend ausgebildeten Schneider beraten Sie gern in Stil und Materialauswahl um Sie gut in der neuen Kleidung aussehen zu lassen. Praezision bei der Verarbeitung der Stoffe und Accessories gewaehrleistet eine lange Haltbarkeit der Kleidungsstuecke und eine perfekte Passgenauigkeit. Wir gewaehren eine Garantie auf unsere Arbeit.

Ob Ihr Geschmack nun eher Armani, Versage,Nina Ricci, Boss oder Canali sein sollte, wir haben bestimmt die richtige Auswahl fuer Sie. Unsere hochqualifizierten Schneider stellen sich ganz individuell auf Ihren Geschmack ein und werden fuer Sie das perfekte Kleidungsstueck entwerfen und anfertigen. Hochwertige fliessende Stoffe und handgenaehte Manschetten gehoeren genauso zu unserem Programm wie bestickte Hemden oder Innenfutter von Jacketts mit Ihrem vollen Namen oder Ihren Initialen. Natuerlich verfuegen wir auch ueber eine grosse Auswahl an Knoepfen und anderen Accessories um Ihren ganz persoenlichen Geschmack noch zu unterstreichen.

Louis Collections – Unser Motto

Ein qualitativ hochwertig gefertigter Anzug wird niemals aus der Mode kommen und selbst in unserer hektischen
modernen Welt werden die Menschen die auf Qualitaet vertraut haben immer am besten angezogen sein.

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Beste Masschneider, Schneiderei in Bangkok Thailand, Louis Collections
Beste Masschneider in Bangkok Sukhumvit Thailand, Louis Collections

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Louis Collections Tripadvisor
Louis Collections you have done an amazing job providing me with wonderful clothes stitched based on my designs. I am very satisfied with all my dresses i bought from you. Wonderful Job. Looking forward to purchase more custom made dresses from you :)
Vandana G, Singapore, , Singapore
Strongly Recomendation of Louis’collecton on 172/1 Sukhumvit main road soi 8, klong Toei. Fantastic and friendly staff, and not least: honest and service minded and good prices. Will go there everytime in Bangkok. Ask for Mr Sony. 10 out of 10. Anders K London
Anders K, London, United Kingdom
I work in the world of finance and see all the great suits, and Louis’s Collection is up there if not the best suits I have worn. Louis’s Collection was recommended to me by one of my friends in Investment Banking for my upcoming visit. I called Johnny on Skype and made an appointment for the dates of my travels to Bangkok, Thailand.

The store is conveniently located on one of the most popular streets in center of Bangkok. You can take a taxi, but the most convenient way is to take the SkyTrain to the Nana Station, exit there on Sukhomvit Road and then is is a short walk from there to Soi 8.

When I walked in the store I was warmly greeted by Johnny, his staff and his wife. Johnny has books with each client – in which is written with notes, measurements, fabrics, color swatches & fabrics of each client’s order. He pulled up a couple of my friends orders and was able to show me what they ordered and assisted me in deciding the style and fabrics.

He showed me all the fabrics and samples, and the store has tons to choose. I was impressed and ordered and got fitted for 2 suits with 2 pairs of pants each, 6 custom shirts with inlet material on the inside collar and sleeves, and 3 ties. I ordered everything monogrammed, and my name in each piece.

Once I picked my fabrics, and then they started all the measurements. The next day I returned for a quick fitting with some basics all set up to get ready for a final fitting.

I told him I wanted all buttons workable, pockets and really nice detail. If your a boss you get a custom suit made and leave the last button on the suit unbuttoned.

After my initial fittings I left Bangkok and came back a week later for my final fitting.

When I returned to Bangkok for the final fitting everything was spot on and perfect.

I was amazed how well they felt and looked, and and was so happy with the whole process. My suits and shirts came out looking like 1Mil dollars. I was so money!!

I really did not shop around for other tailors and best prices, it did not matter Johnny was recommend on the quality of his suits my friends have been wearing for years. They said they are by far the highest quality ones they have ever owned.

I know and feel the same after seeing the craftsmanship and details on my new suits.

Johnny travels to Europe, Asia and the States always traveling to build business and meets with old clients, meets with new ones, and brings his business to you, so you don’t have to go always to Bangkok.

Once they have your custom measurements and styles – you are set you can have custom suits ordered via email and shipped.

I’m in the Johnny’s clent book now, and know anytime I call or see him he is full aware of my tastes and preferences and will take great care of me in the future.

Surfcali, Newport Beach, California
I, like many others, met Johnny through a referral. They were making their way through their sequence of stops and were in my city so I decided to get a couple suits from them. At a similar time, I had actually just ordered a custom suit from a Web2.0 company, so I thought it would make an interesting comparison. Let me spare you all the details, but the suit form said Web2.0 company was returned after 3 failed attempts to get the jacket fitting right.

Generally speaking, off the rack can work for me, but it’s never quite right. I either have to hunch my shoulders into a smaller jacket, or take the route of looking like I came from the 80’s shoulder pad era. Hence the Louis Collection suits were my first foray into custom suites that I hoped would work. Johnny was very careful with the measurements, and I explained the cut and trim style of suit that I like. In the end, I order 2 suits (2 jackets, 2 pants), 7 shirts, 2 ties. The garments came very well packaged in a very reasonable time frame.

Here is where the excellent service came in. Due to my slim fit suit, the sleeves in the jacket needed to be let out a touch, and the pants were not as slim fit as I liked. There was no argument from Johnny, and he agreed to cover the cost of my local tailor making the alterations. In fact, I had several email exchanges with Johnny after my measurements, where I changed my mind on a few things. Actually, on quite a few things. Johnny’s customer service is simply excellent, and puts you first. The suits are incredible, and the shirts are the best shirts I’ve ever had. I will be a customer for a long long time.

Mischa S
I have several times ordered suits, coats, shirts and skirts from Louis Collections, both when I have been in Bangkok and when the tailor has been home at my place. All the clothes has been perfect for me. Good quality both of fabrics and work. Many nice details. And of course very good service! Highly recommended! Thank you!
Hildegunn67, Bergen, Norway
Its important to share to folks that are unaware a professional like Johnny is available to them. Johnny and his wife will visit you anywhere in the world within reason. The real treat
is visiting them at their location in Bangkok. We did this a few years back and it was fantastic. Put it on your bucket list. Please enjoy your experience will be rewarding.

sincerest regards

John Wynia

John W, Nice, Fra
purchased suite, 3 shirts and two ties. Very good value and quick, great service from the chaps in the shop. Was easier and cheaper than buying a suit off the shelf!. Will visit when back in Bangkok again!!
Vincentward, London
I’ve used the services of Louis Collections multiple times now and have been very impressed with the quality and the “fit” of my suits/shirts from his team. I wouldn’t hesitate referring them to anyone. In fact, I have referred multiple people to Johnny and team. I’ve ordered suits, shirts, slacks, sportscoats, and a tux and have been very satisfied.
Taylorpsisson, Austin, Texas
I have been purchasing custom tailored suits and sport jackets since 1998 and have had many many horrible experiences FROM OTHER COMPANIES ( including some so bad I just threw the suit out without a single wear) . My experience with Poly & Johnny was fast, efficient and nothing short of near perfect despite being highly skeptical. TWO THUMBS UP AND ***** ( 5- STARS) for LOUIS COLLECTIONS.

Initially I was shocked and laughing to myself on my first encounter when I was measured and sized up for my suit, it took all of 5 minutes. LOL– I thought “wow here is another $1500 (two suits) flushed down the drain”. Though my original fitting was not perfect ( the arm holes limited my ability to have great mobility) Johnny told me to either wait until he came back or go to another tailor and have it fixed and send him the bill. I waited for him to come back and I am currently awaiting my fixed suit jackets. The slacks were perfect and the rest of the suit cut was also perfect.

With other companies I often need to be fitted 4 to 5 times – its frustrating and a waste of time and like I said above I have even just given up and thrown my suits out rather than go back and attempt another fitting.

I consider myself an extremely picky suit consumer as am I large and not proportioned well for a suit wearer ( 52 inch chest and 38 inch waist) and I want to look my best. I also despite being 54 years of age want to look more European ( as I travel extensively and I can’t buy off the rack suits due to limited size of 48 USA or 58 EU from : Vestamenta, Armani, or Canali). I have purchased from numerous places in Atlanta including: Custom Clothiers of Atlanta where i spent more than $75K during an 8 year period. I have spent as much as $4500 for a suit there and the suits despite being told were custom overtime were no longer custom but instead made to measure. The suits are cut for the older businessman with a larger mid section.

This is not to put down the other company mentioned above but instead give the reader something to compare Poly & Johnny . I was referred by not one but two of my friends who can afford to buy suits at any cost but they choose Johnny *& Poly and now I know why. Fast, affordable, dependable and consistent. My opinion but If I were you…. consider Poly & Johnny.

SigSauerAtlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
More People came out again this spring and many were ordering from Johnnies most expensive materials … amazing lines from Italy

I will say again … If you can arrange for a group of people in your area to get suits or any type of of tailored clothing. I highly recommend you contact Johnny and Polly and get them to come … It is a great experience, you will get high quality clothing, and with enough people, they will make it worth the effort.

Thanks again Johnny… Dan Barr

Danbarr, Vancouver, Canada